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Click here to print a copy of the 2014 Goat Milk Products Competition Rules 
If you want to print and mail your entry form, click here to print the mail in form


To enter the 2014 Goat Milk Products Competition please follow these steps:

1) Print a copy of the above rules

2) Save the following 2 .pdf forms to your computer.
Page 1 is basic entry information
Page 2 is your product entry form
These forms are fillable forms so you will need to fill them out and re-save them to your computer
NOTE: Please use either Firefox or Google Chrome to open the following pdf forms. They do not work as well in Internet Explorer.

Page 1

Page 2

3) Once you have calculated your entry fee, please use the below Paypal button to send your
entry fee to ADGA.

4) After receiving your paypal confirmation, please email it and  your entry forms to
Nicci Pretti at


To pay for your entry fee, please use the Paypal button below.



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