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Entry Form 2013 ADGA Goat Milk Products Competition

(One entry form per cheese/product entry; please copy this form for more than one entry. Keep a copy of this entry form for your records.)


Send entry form(s) to Nicci  Pretti, 540 Caves Camp Rd., Williams, OR 97544
Phone 541-415-2345

Entries for the Goat Products Competition must be onsite by 3 p.m. Monday, October 14, 2013. Arrangements must be made with the committee for hand delivery. Those shipping cheese to the hotel must prominently mark packages "

ADGA Goat Products Competition/Attn: Nicci Pretti"
Crowne Plaza Tennis & Golf Resort
One Resort Drive
Asheville, NC  28806  US

Entries' shipments must be timed to arrive on Friday, October 11, 2013 so that it will not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

Packages must contain a packing slip stating the number of boxes shipped and number of items in each box. Please include your company or brand name of the product on the entry form especially when you have more than one entry in a category. Please send promotional material or placards in the shipping container(s) along with your product. (Commercial entries only)



Name:  _________________________ Farm/Business Name: _______________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: __________________ Cell ______________________________


E-mail: ___________________________________


Division (circle one):               Commercial                             Amateur


Class (Class Name and Subcategory if one) _______________________________________

Your Company or Brand Name of Cheese/Product__________________________________________


# of Entries ADGA Members
Prior to 09/20/13
ADGA Members
09/20/13 thru 09/30/13
1st & 2nd $20.00 $35.00
3rd thru 6th $18.00 $33.00
7th + $16.00 $31.00


# of Entries Non-ADGA Members
Prior to 09/20/13
Non-ADGA Members
09/20/13 thru 09/30/13
1st & 2nd $25.00 $40.00


Entry fee ADGA member _______________ (received before September 20, 2013)

Late Fee ADGA member _______________ (received between September 20-September 30, 2013)

Entry Fee Non ADGA member ($25.00) ________________ (received before September 20, 2013)

Late Fee Non ADGA member ($40.00) _______________(received between September 20-September 30, 2013)


   I hereby certify that the products entered comply with the rules of this competition.




Click here to print cheese entry form in .doc format

Click here to print cheese entry form in .pdf format


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